We have combined the two membership offers from Finance America and Long Distance Management for a price of $1,250 with no further discount including the training videos, and six month email support of 12 emails.

Finance America mainly covers time management; setting goals; creative financing; formation of AITD; lease with option to buy sources; locating selected commercial properties with nothing down; evaluation of properties; issuing offers due diligence; net worth through artificial appreciation; all aspects of broker / agent involvements; begging for listings; buyer’s commitments; seller’s commitment to sell their property in 30 days; net listing; off market properties; how not to drop your commission in making a deal; scripts for cold calling; matching buyers and sellers and applying deadline strategy; selling a property by under or over exposure; gross multiplier and cap rate; meeting any seller 3 times and 45 minutes each time to sign the PSA; fear of offer presentation; recession and inflation and its impact in purchasing properties. “Equity domino effect”; “reverse locating FHA – residential income properties.” All applications and forms are included. 10 years.

Long Distance Management / Syndication mainly covers all aspects of long distance management of properties and businesses (coast to coast); top 5 items that you must do on your 1 st long distance trip; top 10 items that you must do on your 2 nd trip prior to purchasing the property; top 14 items that you must do on your 3 rd trip (right after purchasing the property all forms including management applications and contracts are included); repositioning of the properties; discussing leases; handling legal issues with tenants; where to look for businesses to buy and manage them remotely; training you to be a long distant management consultant, prepared for long distance management in order to sign a contract with any client in any 50 state; to manage their property; double escrows and flips; crowdfunding; fund syndications; blind pool; purchasing ground leases; raising funds in private offering Reg D versus Reg A; How to use Reg S to raise funds from foreign investors; penalties violating SEC rules; 90 days exclusive agreement with the sellers to raise funds to syndicate their properties, forms to allow you to get paid arranging your own loans through lenders. The cost includes the price of the book.